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The projects we work on vary considerably.  For some clients, we complete an audit or a test, provide a report and that is the end of our involvement.  For others we become an integral part of their internet team and we provde strategic direction, project implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement.

On this page we describe a number of projects we have completed in the past year.  We do not identify the clients here, but following discussion so long as there is no conflict of interest we can put you in touch directly with our clients so that you can hear for yourself how our clients rate our work.

The logos on the right provide you with an idea of the high profile clients we have worked with.

The outline of projects below gives a taste of the extent of our work.

Project 1 - Website quality reviews

A public sector client about to award a multimillion Euro contract wanted to have a quality audit conducted on 15 websites.  These sites were the work of three short listed Web Design agencies.

Our work involved developing a quality measuring scale including measurements like code validity, search engine friendliness, and navigation usability.

The result for the client was an independent verification of the quality of work output from a prospective major supplier.

Project 2 - User Testing

The client is a leading consumer brand and was embarking on a major redevelopment of the consumer website. Our client wanted to see what difficulties real users had using their website.  Profiling of test candidates, preparation of test scripts and conducting tests in the users premises were all part of the project.  All tests were recorded using state of the art digital technology and full analysis of the tests was carried out.

The project was completed within three weeks and included full reporting and video highlights of the tests.  We also provided a seminar with management and the development team to explain and explore the results of the testing.

The client is convinced that the user tests prepared them more thoroughly than anything else for the changes they needed to include in the redeveloped site. The project was completed within three weeks of first contact with this client.

Project 3 - Online Survey

It's hard to get direct feedback from almost 2,000 customers in a coherent way.  The online survey project that we designed and conducted for this major Financial Services company provided exactly this.

Our client has been conducting online surveys for a number of years, but were not satisfied with participation rates or ability to cross tabulate their findings.

Acton BV addressed both of these issues with the tools and methodology that have provided the best in class online survey results for many clients. The project delivered very valuable information to the client and very satisfied respondents, evidenced by the high participation rates and the additional comments offered.

Fully analysed results from the survey were available to the client online within days of completion of the survey.